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Web design and development, ecommerce, political campaigns and more

With MityMo Creative, you will outpace the competition, become uniquely recognizable, and grow your business. We cover a broad spectrum of services, but for us, when it comes to breakthrough creative work, process matters.

We know that when you’re a small business, you have to work harder than everyone else – we know, because we are one. We recognize the unique challenges that small businesses face every day. And that’s why we approach the creative process the way we do.

With MityMo Creative, you’re not handled by an account representative – you work directly with the founder, Mo Eppley. Or Lance Eppley, the chief technologist. Or Jordan Chapman, our lead designer.

Today, small businesses need all the same tools that a big business needs. Navigating it on your own, and the world of branding, design and creativity is complicated, time-consuming and sometimes even a little scary – and you have a business to run. We want to be your creative partner. You make the business work. We’ll help you make it shine.