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Branding Strategy

Listening to you is the most important part of the process. When it comes to branding – creating a relationship between your customers, your community and your product – there is no cookie-cutter design, no one-size-fits all. Everything we do is custom-made. Every design, every website, every printed piece has a specific purpose for your specific business.

With branding, you’re looking for more than just an image – you need a reinforcement of your message. You need consistency. You want people to see your signs, name-tags, uniforms, business cards, brochures and website all delivering the message… the same message. In the long run it's more efficient and cost effective to let your existing messages reinforce one another than to try to take one tool and get it to everyone.

We can handle the simple or the complex, the long term or the immediate branding needs. The key is to determine your needs and we do that by listening well. It's part of what makes us stand out from the competition.

From old to new and on to success. 

Friends of Strays Logo

Founded in 1978, Friends of Strays was a mission from the heart, saving homeless and abandoned animals. As the decades progressed, the organization was in desperate need of a new look and brand to help them raise money and awareness to save more animals in their community. By working with the volunteers and staff, we laid the ground work to success by channeling their new vision into a new identity that better encompasses both the cats and dogs they rescue. Since the rebranding, Friends of Strays has reached new adoption records and has engaged in new events and fundraising activities like never before!

How a logo can help pitch a new level of collaboration!

Business to Baseball Logo 

The St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce helps businesses of all types get to know one another and drive successful partnerships. But how do you help those same businesses network with a Major League Baseball team? The chamber asked MityMo to step up to the plate and knock one out of the park by creating a new logo for a business and baseball networking event. In order to hit a homerun, the logo had to reference existing chamber branding and pinch hit in the bottom of the ninth. Results: game won!

Helping more people feel better every day. 

Thank You Mama Collaterals 

Thank You Mama is a family wellness center that offers acupuncture, massage and herbal medicines that helps people feel better every day. Although already possessing a strong logo and identity, they didn’t know how to translate their brand outside of regular business cards and their website. MityMo has hired to create a bounty of marketing collaterals, such as flyers, brochures, ads, signs, gift certificates, t-shirts, pens and more. Through our work, Thank You Mama’s branding reaches every possible channel where their customer can learn about learn about them and make an appointment so they can start feeling better too.