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Campaign Consulting

Winning campaigns need to get their message out fast, gather community support for the candidate or issue, and work harder than the competition. Political campaigns are like nothing else: the deadlines are tight, the budget is usually small, and there are very few second chances. Combining the modern technology of websites and social networking with traditional methods such as direct mail and flyers, we help winning campaigns to organize their messages, illustrate them, and get them to voters. From logo design and branding to fundraising and volunteer management, if you're ready to win we can put our experience to work for you.


Without a well-designed website, a political campaign can only go so far. A properly created website with a volunteer database, contribution manager, and an easy-to-navigate design will make all the difference at the ballot. Our system lets you manage your human resources with an easy-to-learn interface and Microsoft Excel compatible reports. Less time spent on administration is more time spent out in the community with voters. Our turn-key campaign engine will give you the edge you need to win!


Although we recognize that branding is the hot buzzword, what we're talking about is defining the look and feel of your communication tools. Every campaign needs a unique look that captures its spirit and embodies its message and values. Our custom logos will give you the personalized visibility to stand out from the crowd; customizing everything from colors to fonts and graphics will give your campaign what it needs to make a lasting impression. And while branding begins with a logo, we help you create an entire theme, a visual representation of the vision that led you to public service. That theme or vision will ensure that your signs, website, postcards, banners and everything else reflect and reinforce your message and your stance on issues to voters.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is one of the best ways to contact voters, but it isn't always the easiest road to navigate for those without experience. In the wrong hands, direct mail marketing can be a disaster for your campaign, wasting an already tight budget with ineffective - or worse, distracting - material. Done correctly, direct mail marketing is a powerful tool that places your name and campaign issues right into the homes of voters. Doing it right takes experience in targeting your mailing lists and getting vendors, from the print shop to the mail house, to put your job at the top of the list. And we know how to design your mail pieces for maximum impact. With over a million political campaign pieces mailed, we can make the most of your direct mail budget.

Campaign Collateral

While an electronic presence through a campaign website is key to giving your campaign an edge, it needs to be supplemented by effective and well-designed printed materials. No campaign is complete without yard signs, door hangers, palm cards, business cards, magnets and more. We can create it all and give your campaign a consistent look that amplifies your message. Save time and money by using MityMo Design as your single-source vendor.

Social Media Marketing

A key component to success is a willingness to embrace innovation. This is just as true for campaign branding as it is for any form of advertising or marketing. As our culture shifts to a more digitally-focused environment, social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter have become the innovative waves of communication that television and radio were in the past. By embracing these new channels of communication, you're able to get a fluid and dynamic message out to an even larger audience through a medium that encourages interactivity and participation. We can help you integrate these effective means of communication into your campaign, from selecting the option that suits your needs to maintaining and updating your pages.