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If your company name is on something, it's part of your image. Signs, the store front, the name tags your employees wear, the business cards you distribute, and of course the obvious: your website, brochures and such are all included. These materials should communicate your product, service or values. The business of building an image is critically important. We live in a visual society and your business will be judged based on its visual presentation. Your goal is to communicate a consistent coordinated image. Wherever your company name appears, it should be recognizable and reflect who you are. This is can be difficult for small businesses. Sometimes you have to rely on friends and family to help you get started and after a couple of years you notice that nothing quite matches. Your business has survived, thrived and even grown. But, the company image no longer reflects the materials you produce and distribute.

Time for a makeover.

And, because budget is always an issue, you'll want to make sure that you create your image material in the right order of importance and cost-efficiently.

That's when you need the small business professionals. That's us.

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